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DRC in the Media

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All Animals Must Be Safe and Sound During Disasters TodayIntroducing a new book by Drs. Sarah DeYoung and Ashley Farmer! Deyoung and Farmer wrote this book because, despite the passage of the 2006 PETS Act, pets are still left behind in disasters and people still engage in evacuation refusal if they cannot easily bring their pets with them. During Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, there were national news stories about dogs stranded in flood waters and [the authors] felt that it was critical to identify the key social and behavioral factors that led to these scenarios, while also recognizing the complexities that affect these decisions. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=178
Philly-area COVID-19 cases are leveling off, but health community is ‘bracing for an uptick’ heading into fall Philadelphia InquirerJennifer Horney, the founding director of the University of Delaware’s epidemiology program, said neither evacuations from Ida along the Gulf Coast nor from wildfires in the West led to widespread outbreaks, so she wouldn’t expect Ida-related surges here. “To move our [coronavirus] numbers, we’d need to see a much larger spatial and population displacement” from Ida, added Horney, who is also on the core faculty at the university’s Disaster Research Center. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=177
Strain of pandemic harms mental health of public health workers Nation’s Health, A Publication of the American Public Health AssociationAcross the MMWR study, Horney said certain risk factors consistently came up, such as work hours and inability to take time off. She said many workers also mentioned the impact of seeing their work politicized and maligned. “We had a lot of people who talked about working in communities for years to generate trusting relationships, only to see it vanish in a few weeks,” said Horney, also a professor and founding director of the university’s Epidemiology Program. “It was just devastating.” in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=174
The state says it’s ready to distribute COVID booster shots Public MediaUniversity of Delaware Professor of Epidemiology Jennifer Horney says it isn’t clear yet if the booster shots will mean full immunization, or if more doses of vaccine will be recommended in the future. “Think about more like the common cold as a coronavirus, and we’ve never had a vaccine for that. So, I think it’s probably too early to say about if whether that would end up being something like we would add to the regiment of getting a seasonal influenza shot each year,” said Horney. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=175
PA, NJ, and Delaware leaders weigh vaccine-verification options, but largely hold off on mandates Philadelphia InquirerFor proof that mandates work — and a lens into what a post-pandemic world could be like with more of them — look at the effectiveness of long-standing vaccine requirements, said Jennifer Horney, director of the epidemiology program at the University of Delaware. There’s a reason “we don’t have big outbreaks of measles and mumps and rubella and all these things in schools and colleges” where vaccines against those diseases are required, she said. “We have plenty of evidence to show these kinds of vaccine mandates to participate in public activities, like public school, definitely work to protect the population.” in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=176
Southbridge residents call for equal investment in $100M Riverfront East plan News Journal“You've got an area that has historic higher levels of poverty, brownfields, as well as active industry and then within half a mile you have hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into upper scale types of housing and consumption activities and leisure activities,” said Victor Perez, associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at the University of Delaware. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=172
Is Your Town Threatened by Floods or Fires? Consider a ‘Managed Retreat.’ Guest Essay | The New York TimesIt’s important to keep in mind that spontaneous, unplanned retreat is already taking place all over the world, as people make individual decisions to move away from threatened areas. The question is not whether we want retreat to happen. It’s whether we want it to happen in this ad hoc fashion, which can lead to neighborhoods in decline, homes abandoned and infrastructure degrading. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=173
Highly contagious COVID Delta variant in NJ: What you need to know"Delta is not much of a risk for those who are fully vaccinated," said Jennifer Horney, director of the epidemiology program at the University of Delaware. "However, if we consider only the unvaccinated population, they will certainly see an increase in infections and hospitalizations." in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=170
How many people in Pa. got vaccinated and still got COVID-19? The state isn’t counting. Inquirer“It’s essential for people who are unvaccinated to really see the data [and] at how high a risk they are of contracting COVID right now,” said University of Delaware epidemiologist Jennifer Horney. “We have 95% or more of cases in most states being in unvaccinated people. ... We need to tell this story.” in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=169
Will state reach 70% vaccination benchmark?: As of Sunday, 68.9% have received at least one dose News Journal"I think COVID will very much still be with us, and it will particularly be high risk for those who are unvaccinated," said Dr. Jennifer Horney, founding director of the University of Delaware's epidemiology program. Delawareans hospitalized with COVID-19 are overwhelmingly unvaccinated, according to Division of Public Health data. Through Friday, the agency reported 383 COVID-19 cases among the state's more than 400,000 fully vaccinated individuals. Of those cases, 18 were hospitalized. in the Media/DispForm.aspx?ID=171

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