Julie Hagen Elliott

  • Doctoral Student

EMAIL: jhe@udel.edu

PHONE: 302-831-6618

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Julie Elliott is a PhD student at the University of Delaware studying Disaster Science & Management. Julie’s research interests focus on long-term recovery issues and cross-sector collaboration in disasters. Her current work is exploring how organizations collaborate within and outside their networks before, during, and after disaster. Additionally, Julie studies the complexity of evacuation and mitigation decision-making at the household level.
Julie considers herself a “pracademic”, having perspective on emergency management as both an academic and practitioner. Prior to beginning her studies in Delaware, Julie worked as an emergency manager at the University of North Texas (UNT) for 3.5 years. While at UNT, Julie was a part of the University’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the February 2021 Texas winter storm and power outage, and several events and incidents. During this time, Julie also taught two semesters of an introductory to emergency management course for undergraduates. Prior to her work with UNT, Julie held positions in the private sector as a technical writer and in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer.
Julie has been featured on the Weather Channel and has previously presented at conferences on faith-based groups and public outreach campaigns. Julie has an M.S. in Emergency Management & Disaster Science and a B.S. in Emergency Administration & Planning, both from UNT. Julie’s master’s thesis focused on the role of faith-based congregations in disaster response and recovery through a case study of Katy, TX (a community impacted by Hurricane Harvey). A portion of Julie’s working is published in the Journal of Emergency Management.


Cross-Sector Collaboration, Faith-Based Organizations, Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters, Emergence


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