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Disaster-Related Degree Programs at UD

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Undergraduate Opportunities


While the Disaster Research Center does not grant degrees, DRC faculty ​engage students interested in disasters through participation in funded research where students get first-hand experience working on cutting edge disaster studies. For those undergraduate students interested in studies with a focus on disasters, the University of Delaware offers the following option.


BA Sociology, Emergency & Environmental Management

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers its undergraduate majors the opportunity to concentrate their study in emergency and environmental management.  While majoring in sociology, these students have the exciting opportunity to receive a strong sociological foundation in their understanding of the issues facing professionals in the emergency and environmental management area. At the same time, this concentration provides students with broad, interdisciplinary education, drawing from relevant courses in economics, geography, communications, geology, history, political science, public policy, and anthropology.​

​To satisfy his practicum component, EEM Alum Jason Horowitz spent several weeks working with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office in New Zealand.

​Upon graduation of UD’s program, Jason Horowitz secured a position as a Project Outreach Liaison with FEMA-Corps. Early in his position, he was already acquiring work experience and getting a better understanding of FEMA it assists communities after disaster, preparing him for a career with the federal organization.​


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Undergraduate Programs
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Disaster-Related Degree Programs at UD
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