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The E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection

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About the Collection


​E.L. Quarantelli Collection

​In addition to maintaining its own databases, DRC is a repository for materials collected by other agencies and researchers. The E. L. Quarantelli Resource Collection contains the world’s most complete collection on the social and behavioral science aspects of disasters. Now numbering more than 125,000 items, the Collection is open to both interested scholars and agencies involved in emergency management. This premier collection includes documents and publications not readily available elsewhere. The Center has its own book, monograph, and report series.

Collection Staff Annoucement
Pat Young

​Pat Young has served as the Resource Coordinator for the E.L. Quarantelli Collection since 2004

Dear Colleagues and Friends in the Disaster Research Community,

You know you’re lucky when you can request a book by the color of the cover and the librarian knows exactly which book you want. We’ve been that lucky at DRC for the past 14 years, with the E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection under the stewardship of Pat Young. Yesterday (06.13.18) Pat retired from UD to take a position at a different library in the southern part of the state. How we will miss her! Read more about Pat's transformative impact on DRC and the Collection here.

In honor and appreciation of her years of dedication to the field, the Disaster Research Center is pleased to announce the establishment of the Pat Young Award for Most Innovative Use of the E.L. Quarantelli Collection. Established for an initial term of 10 years, each year one award of $100 will be given to an individual who has used the E.L. Quarantelli collection in a way that demonstrates creativity, advancement to their discipline, or advancement to practice and community well-being. Awards will be given based on work conducted or newly completed in the calendar year. In some special circumstances, it may also be awarded for long-term and sustained use. More information about the award and the nomination process will be announced shortly, but gifts in support of this award or the E.L. Quarantelli collection in honor of Pat Young are welcomed.

More information about the future leadership of the collection will be shared in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, please join us in wishing her well on this new chapter in her life. 

James Kendra and Tricia Wachtendorf
DRC Directors

Schedule a Visit
Pat young and visiting scholars

​Pat Young with our three current visiting scholars, from Australia, China, and Japan. June 13, 2018.

​​​​​The E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection at the Disaster Research Center is open to all researchers. For general inquiries related to the Collection or to schedule a visit, please email

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About the Collection
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The E.L. Quarantelli Resource Collection
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