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Research Projects

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Field research conducted post-Hurricane Harvey 2017.


Field research conducted post-Hurricane Harvey 2017.

DRC is the intellectual home for interdisciplinary disaster related research. DRC strives to be an innovative center for interdisciplinary thinking by leveraging the interests and capacities of many disciplines on campus; balancing quantitative and qualitative approaches to research; and incorporating systems-level thinking.​

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Active Research
Past Research

Active Research



CRISP Type 2: Defining and Optimizing Societal Objectives for the Earthquake Risk Management of Critical InfrastructureDavidson, Rachel;Kendra, Jamesrdavidso;jmkendraNational Science Foundation
CRISP Type 2: Interdependencies in Community Resilience (ICoR): A Simulation FrameworkAguirre, BenaguirreNational Science Foundation
Composite of Post-Event Well-being (COPEWELL)Kendra, JamesjmkendraCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
Infrastructure System Damage Modeling with Data from the 2010-2011 Christchurch, New Zealand EarthquakesDavidson, RachelrdavidsoInternally Funded
LEAP HI: Embedding regional hurricane risk management in the life of a community: A computational frameworkDavidson, Rachel;Trainor, Josephrdavidso;jtrainorLinda Nozick, Cornell University, and Jamie Kruse, East Carolina University
Multi-Perspective Evacuation PerformanceTrainor, JosephjtrainorNational Science Foundation

Past Research



Collaborative CDI-Type II: Cyber Enabled Discovery System for Advanced Multidisciplinary Study of Humanitarian Logistics for Disaster ResponseWachtendorf, TriciatwachtenNational Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Modeling Multiple Stakeholder Decision Making to Reduce Regional Natural Disaster RiskDavidson, Rachel;Trainor, Josephrdavidso;jtrainorNational Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security
EAGER: Risk Objects in Public Health Crisis: An Exploratory Investigation of Stigma, Role-Triage, and Cautionary MeasuresKendra, James;Wachtendorf, Triciajmkendra;twachtenNational Science Foundation
GUR - A STATED PREFERENCE SURVEY TO MODEL PATIENT BEHAVIOR DURING A BIOLOGICAL OUTBREAKMcNeil, SuesmcneilUniversity of Delaware, General University Research Program
Hazard SEES Type 2: Next Generation, Resilient Warning Systems for Tornados and Flash FloodsTrainor, JosephjtrainorNational Science Foundation
Hazards SEES Type 2: Dynamic Integration of Natural, Human, and Infrastructure Systems for Hurricane Evacuation and ShelteringDavidson, Rachel;Wachtendorf, Triciardavidso;twachtenNational Science Foundation
Information Chain Support for Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and RecoveryKendra, JamesjmkendraNational Science Foundation
Promoting Community Resilience in New York City after Hurricane Sandy: A Model-based ApproachKendra, JamesjmkendraUS Department of Health and Human Services
Understanding the Relationship between Household Decisions and Infrastructure Investment in Disaster Recovery: Superstorm SandyMcNeil, Sue;Trainor, Josephsmcneil;jtrainorUS Department of Transportation through the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation University Transportation Center at Rutgers
Using information at different spatial scales to estimate demand to support asset management decision makingMcNeil, Sue;Trainor, Josephsmcneil;jtrainorCenter for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation

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Research Projects
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