The CHEER Hub offers undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars a diverse set of engaging research and professional development opportunities.

The Next Generation

The CHEER Hub is investing in the next generation of scholars. The Hub’s education goals reflect its commitment to fostering inclusive and engaged inquiry; they center on broadening participation in disaster science and practice, and enriching disaster education in the natural and engineering sciences by bringing diversity, equity, and engagement to the forefront.


Students and postdoctoral scholars participate in CHEER research at all core universities. Activities include:

Discipline Dyads

Traditional advisor/advisee mentoring focused on discipline-based knowledge and professional development goals.

Student/postdoc Cohort

Bi-weekly, virtual seminars for students and postdocs that include: (1) Professional development; (2) Peer-to-peer research mentoring; and (3) CHEER research integration.

Summer Lab Exchanges

Students and postdocs in the Hub can spend the summer working with another Hub researcher at another Hub university.


DRC IT! Postdocs and students will practice communication skills by working on CHEER-specific DRCTIt! materials.

Quick Response

Grad students and postdocs have opportunities to deploy for interdisciplinary quick response data gathering in disaster-impacted communities with experienced Hub researchers.

In-person Networking

In-person Student-focused Networking: Each year, Hub students, postdocs, and researchers will meet for networking and research integration opportunities.


Each summer, an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate students and Bill Anderson Fund graduate scholars and undergraduate students participate in a cohort-based multi-week summer research experience.

  • Training. Trained by experts to work on interdisciplinary teams and to conduct community-engaged research from experts in the fields.
  • Field work. Research includes visiting communities grappling with planning, mitigation, and recovery challenges and interviewing planners, leaders, and partner organizations.
  • Funds. Travel, housing, and stipend are provided.
  • Individual research projects. Each student investigates a CHEER-related research question that aligns with their discipline-based expertise, professional goals, and unique perspective.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This program was so amazing and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer any other way. I truly feel this developed my professional career, I had so much fun with the professors and students, and being able to present made me feel so proud. So thank you for this opportunity!” 

— A 2023 CHEER Summer Scholar

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and think this was a great program! CHEER has helped me in so many ways, and I’m eager to continue this important work.” 

— A 2023 CHEER Summer Scholar

Applications will be accepted in January 2024 for the 2024 CHEER Summer Scholars Program.

2023 Summer Scholars
2023 Summer Scholars


The McNair Association of Professionals’ Scholars Program and the Bill Anderson Fund are highly respected national organizations supporting students from underrepresented groups. We are fortunate to partner with them on recruitment and providing research opportunities.

2023 Summer Scholars